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6 Ways to Help Your Teens When They Blunder

6 Ways to Help Your Teens When They Blunder

Learning how to behave like a mature responsible adult is hard work.  The transition from child to adult is fraught with opportunities for foibles and failures, missteps and misunderstandings.  As parents, it’s our job to guide our teens through this turbulent time so they can learn from their mistakes and grow in wisdom.  We have an enormous emotional investment in our children, so it’s terribly easy to get bent out of shape quickly when they make poor choices or foolish decisions.  But really, we know that flying off the handle doesn’t improve the situation or enhance the relationship.  So the next time you find yourself dealing with a sticky situation caused by your not-quite-an-adult-yet offspring, try giving your teen these six things instead of an earful of your own emotional reaction.  Continue reading >>>

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Receive Your Teen as a Gift

Do you ever look at your teen and think, “Where did this person come from?  She’s nothing like me at all!”  Sometimes being a good parent means we have to lay aside our own preconceived plans and dreams. Often, we just have to get out of their way and let them become who God created them to be, even if it looks very different from what we expected.  Continue reading >>

How to encourage your teen's God-given identity (even when it's not what you thought it would be.)


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I’m excited to be a guest host for the Mommy Moments Link-Up this week.  If you have a blog post to share, you can add your link to the group.  Whether you have a post to share or not, you can browse a bunch of great posts from other bloggers by following the links below.  Have fun!



Welcome to Mommy Moments! We hope you all had a week filled with wonderful memories!  I have enjoyed getting to know all the new mamas linking up and sharing their lives with us!  We are so thrilled about that and can’t wait to hear more from you all again this week!

It’s no secret that motherhood has its seriousness and frustration as well as its joys. That’s why we are here. Life is much easier when traveled with companions! So mamas, let’s join together in the spirit of motherhood and share our moments together. We want to hear the happy, sad, tough, terrible, hilarious moments that make being a mother the best job in the world!

The top viewed link this week belongs to Ana from Mommy’s Bundle and her post “Your first pregnancy vs. your very last”. Ana shares a realistic look at the differences between a first and last pregnancy! It’s hard to get those weekly bump photos in while chasing other busy children, but regardless, inwardly cherishing the life inside is special and important. Thank you for sharing with  us, Ana!

Expecting your last baby? The differences in your first pregnancy vs. your last can be very emotional. See why.



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Colossians 3:17 
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.





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When Your Boy Becomes a Man

When your boy becomes a man--a mother's thoughts on the eve of her son's 18th birthday

I was so terrified as the nurses prepared me to leave the hospital.

Don’t they know they are making a mistake? 

I burst into tears as the enormity of the responsibility of becoming a mother settled on me—smothered me, like an elephant lying down on a frail bed of hay.

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Putting Your Christian Faith into Your Fitness

Back in Week One of 7 Weeks to a Build Stronger Body, I briefly mentioned the link between our physical bodies and our spiritual life.  We tend to think of them as being completely separate entities, but they are not.  They are both part of the whole that makes us who we are and we can strengthen them both at the same time.

mesh your Christian faith with your fitness

Strengthen Your Spirit While You Strengthen Your Body

I promised to give you some specific ways you can connect with the spiritual aspect of physical exercise during your workout.  This is not something you hear from most fitness enthusiasts.  Nor are you likely to hear it at church.

As I said before, the idea of the spiritual being connected with the physical body during exercise is typically from an Eastern, non-Christian worldview.  Although I don’t agree with many of their spiritual ideas, I will not go so far as to say that my faith has no role whatsoever in my fitness.  I believe it does.  I believe that my relationship with God through Jesus is relevant to every aspect of my life, including my workouts.

There are many ways to strengthen your spirit while you are strengthening your body.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

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The Busy Girl’s Guide to Working Out

Exercise Consistently Even if You're Too Busy

Finding time to exercise is one of the greatest fitness challenges we busy mommies face.  As I tell my children whenever they’ve lost something and expect me to magically produce it for them, “It won’t find you.  You have to go find it.”  The same thing applies to working out.  The time to make it happen won’t find you.  You have to be deliberate about hunting it down.

Do you want to workout more consistently, but can't find the time? Here are some great ideas to get you started.

If You Can’t Find the Time, Make It!

Making the time for something important you want to do means you have set aside something else you want to do that you have decided is less important.  We’re all given the same 24 hours a day.  No one gets any more or any less.  It’s what we choose to do with those hours that matters.  If we aren’t intentional about assigning our time to work on our priorities, then it will mysteriously evaporate in cyberspace or in front of the TV.

The best way to get in shape is not to get too far out of shape in the first place.  Yeah, well.  I personally didn’t do so well at that and I found my perfect excuse in multiple pregnancies.  I wish I had stayed more active during pregnancy and, at least, made some effort at fitness once the baby was born.  Of course, that’s much easier said than done.  Morning sickness, bed rest, C-sections, and sleepless nights all compound the problem and conspire against us to keep us from fighting for our fitness.

Workout Options for Busy Moms

The way I see it, a busy mom has 3 options:

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